"Book Profit Blueprint" Explained

The diagram above shows the proven plan for how to write, self-publish, and leverage a bestselling book as a coach or consultant (and business-ownin' thought leader!).

A book opens massive doors!

More speaking gigs, more podcast interviews, more media attention...more brand awareness, more leads, more clients...raised prices, increased confidence, and so much more!

It's YOUR turn!

The LEVELS Explained

  • LEVEL 1:
    The Book

    Write, edit, format, and cover design. Your great book will serve you and your audience for the rest of time.

    P1: Plan
    P2: Pen
    P3: Polish

    Using the P.S.T. Method, easy-to-use resources, copy inception hacks, and our fail-safe 8 Week Action Plan, your book will check all the boxes.

  • LEVEL 2:
    The Bestseller

    #1 Bestseller on Amazon will be yours! Get your book (and you!) discovered on the 8th most visited website in the world.

    P4: Publish Kindle
    P5: Proof of Bestseller
    P6: Publish Print + Audio

    Use the T.R.A.C.K. Formula to publish your Kindle and print book to #1 in your relevant categories. (Guaranteed). Publish hardback and audiobook too, if you wish.

  • LEVEL 3:
    The Benefits

    Exposure, leverage, new opportunities. Instant credibility, more media, new leads, and higher-ticket sales. Let's go!

    P7: Podcasts
    P8: Public Speaking
    P9: PR/Media

    Now it's time to get more income, influence, and impact with your books by leveraging them for more brand exposure and leads. Now it gets really fun.

Client Case Study

Kolton Krottinger

"I don't have a college degree. I didn't go to school for this...

...I took Laura's accelerator and all I can really say is, 'Wow!'...

It walked me through every step along the way. And I became a #1 Amazon bestseller in all 3 categories within the first few hours...

Hands down it is the best course I've ever taken in my entire life!"

More About Kolton:
• Disabled Veteran Entrepreneur
• First Time Author
• Now using book in a free + shipping offer to grow huge audience

How to Get Started

The best place to get started is with the Bestselling Book Accelerator.

Go from "Zero to Bestseller" in as few as 8 weeks!

The proven program focuses on LEVEL 1 +2 (in yellow).

Plus, the Benefits start coming your way even as you go through steps P1 to P6!

Bestselling Book Accelerator [Learn More]

Bestselling Book Accelerator

Go from "Zero to Bestseller" in as fast as 8 weeks!

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Bestselling Book Accelerator

Go from "Zero to Bestseller" in as fast as 8 weeks!

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