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Right now is the "Golden Age of Self-Publishing" and hitting #1 bestseller.

• There is built-in credibility around books like no other marketing tool for business owners.

• Hitting #1 in a relevant category is easy, even if you don't have a big email list or money for ads (if you follow my T.R.A.C.K. Formula!)

• Not everyone has figured it out yet.

Learn how a bestselling book will help you grow your brand and business.

1. Get your book out of your head, computer, or garage...

2. Successfully launch it on the 8th most visited website on the planet + 1st most used website for buying books! [aka Amazon]

3. Claim the besteseller title (and proof)

4. Reap the rewards of being a bestselling published author!


What are the benefits of being a bestselling published author?

• raise your prices                      

• get more speaking gigs, podcast interviews, and traditional media attention (TV, radio, magazine, etc.)

• make a bigger impact and leave a legacy

• increase your confidence

• use your book as a multi-purpose marketing, gift, and lead magnet tool

• generate new brand awareness, hot leads, and sales (i.e. profit)

• and more!

The Bestselling Book Accelerator will help you achieve all your book and bestseller launch goals...in record time!

Save so much time, money, and headache.

We lay it all out for you step by easy step!


From "Zero to Bestselling Book" in as fast as 8 weeks!

We created the Bestselling Book Accelerator to eliminate the stress, headache, and overwhelm associated with becoming a bestselling published author.

You'll go from "Zero to Bestselling Book" in as few as 8 weeks!

We cover LEVEL 1 + 2 (in yellow from our "Book Profit Blueprint" diagram).

Plus, you will start getting the "Boost" benefits, side effects, and profit growth (in the dotted teal circle of the diagram) even as you go through P1 to P6!

That's the magic of books!
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Bestselling Book Accelerator - Unlimited

LEVEL 1 Training

The Book

P1: Plan
P2: Pen
P3: Polish

From "overwhelm" to a perfectly edited and formatted book ready for debut to the world in both Kindle and Print!

LEVEL 2 Training

The Bestseller

P4: Publish Kindle
P5: Proof of Bestseller with T.R.A.C.K. Formula
P6: Publish Print + Audio

Self-Publish a #1 Bestseller without stress and have an exhilarating & successful book launch (that starts generating you more attention + profit into your business)!


• Step-by-Step of 100% Success Rate T.R.A.C.K. Formula for #1 Amazon Bestseller ($297 value)

• Fail-Proof Amazon Category Selection Hacks for #1 Bestseller Launch ($250 value)

• 8 Week Action Plan Day-by-Day Calendar + Printable Week-by-Week Checklist ($97 value)

• Inception Copy Secrets to “Sell” Your Services and Grow Your Email List in Your Book ($57 value)

• Permission to Write a Brand Building Book - Digital Copy ($7 value)


Bonuses from Laura

• BONUS 1:
Wall of Fame Feature + Link Back
($97 value)
...Be featured for all the world to see!

• BONUS 2:
6-Months Free of Speaker's Secret Gig List
+ 2 VIP Recorded Trainings
($198 value)
...Researched, curated speaking gigs sent straight to you!
• BONUS 3:
Unlimited Free - Private Facebook Group
+ LIVE Group Coaching Calls with Laura
($141 value)
...Support whenever you need it!

• BONUS 4:
All Recordings of Past Live Calls Trainings
($197 value)
...Learn from what others like you asked!
• BONUS 5:
Podcast Featured Interview with Laura, including Custom Graphics, Audio Editing, Social Shares, & More
($500 value)
...Mass exposure of your book, brand, and business to our audiences!

...but that's not all...

Bonuses from Partners

Standing Ovation Speaker Training from Professional Speaker & TED Talk Coach Davide Di Giorgio

($497 value)
...Polish your speaking skills to leverage your book onto more stages!
Branding & Positioning Special Training from Jemimah Ashleigh

($197 value)
...Make sure your brand reflects where you are going -- up, up, and up!
Referral Marketing training from Michael Griffiths.

($497 value)
...Grow your business with an effective SYSTEM for getting high ticket referrals on autopilot.


Bestselling Book Accelerator...from the insider's view

This video shows the SILVER accelerator...but with Unlimited, you get EVEN MORE! 


Tom Camp

Podcaster, Musician, Business Coach

"Taking Laura's program was the best decision I have made in a long time. A book is instant credibility.

Just get the course and do it!

I did and now I am leveraging my #1 bestselling book (in the U.S. & Germany) for more book sales and higher paying clients."

Akbar Sheikh

Marketing & Business Consultant

"Laura is a genius.

And helped me get a #1 international best seller....she helped me with everything from A to Z."

Jana Bresenden

Widow, Truth Teller, Love Warrior, and Business Owner

"If I can do it as a single mom with three kids and a growing business...ANYONE can do it!

With this community [the private Facebook group you get as a bonus with Gold] and Laura Petersen as a mentor, the sky is the limit!!!"


Custom designed for entrepreneurs, business owners, and content creators with products and services to sell...

The Bestselling Book Accelerator is designed for those wanting to launch a nonfiction book that proves their expertise in their field...

It's worked for college students studying business, coaches, consultants, CEOs, podcasters, single moms running a small company, and everyone in between!

👎🏼 It is IS NOT for you if...👎🏼

• ...you are looking for a get-rich-quick off of Amazon scheme

• ...you want us to write the book for you

• ...you want a cookie-cutter book to slap your name on

• ...you are brand new to business and don’t have real lessons to teach your audience yet (Come back when ready, though!)

• ...you don’t care deeply about your audience and solving their problems

👍🏼 It IS for you if... 👍🏼

• ...you're sick of 'dreaming' and ready for 'doing'

• ...you're fed up waiting for someone to 'tap you on the shoulder' to tell you're expert enough

• ...you want to take your brand and business growth into your own hands

• ...you're done with limiting beliefs and want to boost your inner confidence & outer notoriety

• ...you have an impact to make in the world!

How Is This Accelerator Different?

#1: It's developed by a real teacher with 13+ years teaching experience.

- The Founder of the "Bestselling Book System" and your instructor for the Bestselling Book Accelerator (Laura Petersen) is a real teacher...

...she doesn't just play one on the internet!

A Few of Laura's Teaching Highlights:
- Bachelor's in Psychology (2003)
- Master's in Education (2007)
- TEFL Certification (2015)
- Certified to teach in both Arizona & California (2007-2015)
- taught high school for 5 years
- taught community college for 9 years
- taught SAT prep for 5 years
- was even nominated as Teacher of the Month!

You can trust you are in good hands!

#2: Designed for the 'busy entrepreneur'

- Like you need ANOTHER time-suck on your already full plate...amiright?

- The point of this Accelerator is NOT to create more work for you

- It's to streamline your decision-making process and expedite your path to success.

We've already made mistakes and learned lessons...let us save you the hassle and speed up your time to bestselling book launch success!

We believe that time is money AND that you are losing out on more money in your business the more time goes by without a book to leverage.

It's GO time!

Eli Natoli - Bestselling Success Story!

Business Coach & Consultant

Larry Roberts - Bestselling Success Story!

Podcaster, Podcast Producing Consultant

Mitch Durfee - Bestselling Success Story!

Serial Entrepreneur, Disabled Veteran

How to Make Money from Books

Think of a book like an iceberg.

- 10% is above the water
- 90% is below the water

The cold, hard truth (no ice pun intended), is that most authors will not make enough money from book sales to make writing their full-time gig.

Plus, if you have a business you want to grow, that isn't your goal anyhow!

The pros know that a book's ROI comes from how you leverage it!

How to Leverage Your Book for Bigger Profit

A book is a unique multi-purpose marketing tool that gets you MORE:
- sales
- media attention
- emails + leads

But, the cool thing about this is that if your book doesn't lead to instant sales (of the book and/or your products and services), it can be used to capture new audiences so that you can follow up and nurture them...to turn them into more sales.

Think About It Psychologically...

Think about your own buying and interviewing behavior:

- Person A: Expert in her field
- Person B: Expert in her field + bestselling published author

Be honest...A or B?
• Who would you hire?
• Who would you want on your podcast or live stream?
• Who would you book to speak on your stage?

The truth is that MOST people will pick Person B because of the authority a book brings.

Be like B! :)


Stop being your field's "best kept secret" and step into your authority!

[And claim the spoils of your victory ;)].


Laura Petersen

@LaptopLaura is a tall Math and Psychology teacher turned 2x #1 International Amaon Bestselling author, international speaker, podcaster, and persuasive writing expert.

She holds a Bachelor's degree in Psychology from UCLA, a Master's in Education, and a Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) Certificate. A self-proclaimed nerd, she's been tutoring and teaching since the late 90's when she was in high school herself.

Laura has been interviewed on over 80 podcasts, has spoken on stage on 3 different continents, and has appeared in publications such as Thrive Global, Huffington Post, Influencive, & Thought Leader Magazine.

She helps people leverage bestselling books for more influence, income, and impact with her "Bestselling Book Blueprint."

Laura loves international travel (44 countries and counting!), coconut milk lattes, and doing fun things around San Diego with her husband, Baby E, and their dog Tuck.

It is Laura's belief that a bestselling book is the 'lead domino' to helping you catapult your brand and business to the next level, get more media exposure, make more money, and have a bigger impact.

It's your turn!

As Seen In...

Laura's Booky Story

{And transformation}


I didn't come out o' the womb an entrepreneur. Far from it!

I was a big nerd in school and def not a popular kid! 

Ask me about my "Senior Princesses" story and I'll fill you in on how their bullying sparked a movement that I affectionately call "Print Your Own Shirt"! 

Spoiler Alert: I believe we need to stop waiting for 'permission' and take action to earn you all that you can dream of from biz and life. 

(Even if it's a little scary. :))


I started Copy That Pops in 2016...


...to help business-minded peeps leverage the power of persuasion in their communication!

I'm a nerd for psychology, writing, and podcasts. 

And realized just how important applying principles of psychology is to effective, compelling communication.

But no one tells you how!

Then toward the end of 2016, sick of feeling like 'a nobody' at conferences and wishing I were getting more media features, I decided to take action.

I wrote and published my very first book: Copywriting for Podcasters in just 30 days.

It hit #1 Bestseller and #1 Hot New Release in the U.S. and Canada in the ultra-relevant category of Podcasts & Webcasts. 

Not bad for a first-time author and busy entrepreneur! 

But the benefits?

The results and benefits from just writing a book (let alone also hitting #1 in a relevant category) were far beyond what I imagined!

I immediately was able to use my book to: 
- land more clients
- raise my prices
- get interviewed on a ton more podcasts
- speak on stages
- grow my network
- be seen as a leader and authority
- increase my internal self-confidence
- be asked to be on more video interviews
- work on set of 2 T.V. shows
- walk the red carpet and take photos with idols of mine
- my book even turned up in a public library in Texas! (how cool is that?)

After I did it, people came out of the woodworks asking me for help doing it too! Check out my Author Wall of Fame for more case studies.

Now, it's your turn...


Now, after publishing two of my own international bestsellers and helping lots of others do it too, I figured out a system.

The system to ethically and strategically write, selfpublish, launch, and leverage a bestselling book.

And I'm here to help you do it too...and to reap the BENEFITS that come from being a (bestselling) published author on a topic in your niche.

Talk about instant credibility!

Being a bestselling published author also opens doors up to more:
...speaking opportunities and higher speaker's fees...
...more interviews on TV, radio, and podcasts...
...raising your own prices...
...more traffic, leads, and sales!...
...and, more internal confidence too...

And the good news is, it's faster and easier than you think!

So, if you're ready to take 'destiny' into your own hands with a bestselling nonfiction business book (about something you already talk about all the time)...welcome and read on!

You're in the right place. 

xo Laura

Client Case Study

Kolton Krottinger

"I don't have a college degree. I didn't go to school for this...

...I took Laura's accelerator and all I can really say is, 'Wow!'...

It walked me through every step along the way. And I became a #1 Amazon bestseller in all 3 categories within the first few hours...

Hands down it is the best course I've ever taken in my entire life!"

More About Kolton:
• Disabled Veteran Entrepreneur
• First Time Author
• Now using book in a free + shipping offer to grow huge audience

Pricing Options

Get started now, with all our guarantees. It's your turn to become a bestselling author and grow your business!

Teacher's Honor Guarantees

  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

    Is it not what you expected? Email us for a full refund. We care more about helping you than trapping you in something that doesn't work for you.

  • 1-Year Bestseller

    We are so sure of our methods (especially the T.R.A.C.K. Formula for bestseller on Amazon), that if you implement what we teach you and it doesn't work, we'll give you a refund!

  • 1-Year ROI Guarantee

    We're also so confident that a book is the best multi-purpose marketing tool out there, that we guarantee if you follow all we show you, you will get more media exposure, book sales, and/or new leads and clients!


What Will I Learn + Do in the Bestselling Book Accelerator?

P1: Plan

Together, we make sure you are working toward the right goals for yourself and your audience.

We also start mapping out what you need to do for writing and marketing to hit your book and bestseller goals!

Laying strong foundations is a must for a "Book That Pops"!

P2: Pen/Produce

Now it's time to get the perfect book to grow your brand and business out of your head (or out of scattered docs on your computer).

- Outlining
- Repurposing
- Writing
- Book Cover Design (for as cheap as $31.50!)

...are the name of the game.

By the end of P2, your book will be more than a pipedream for 'some day'!

P3: Polish

Your book's contents are mostly done, but now it's time to get it edited and formatted!

We show you exactly how our clients get editing and formatting done well:
...or very inexpensively.

By the end of P3, your book will be a real book. Ready for publishing both as a Kindle eBook and for print!


What Will I Learn + Do in the Bestselling Book Accelerator?

P4: Publish to Kindle

Starting with Kindle (for super savvy marketing reasons we reveal in the Accelerator), it's time to make your book LIVE on one of the most visited websites on the planet.

We'll cover:
- "The 6 A's of Self-Publishing"
- copy tips for a compelling book listing
- files you need prepped
- and more!

Self-publishing made fast and easy!

P5: Proof of Bestseller

The most exciting step is here!

Guided by our proven T.R.A.C.K. Formula to hit bestseller -- guaranteed -- you'll know exactly what to be before and during your book launch for bestseller status and capturing proof of it.

What are "R" and "K" in the formula? Only Bestselling Book Accelerator clients can know! Shhhh!

By the end of P5, you will be a #1 bestselling author in a relevant category you will be proud to show off.

P6: Paperback + Audiobook

Not everyone decides to publish their paperback, hardback, and audiobooks.

Note: We HIGHLY recommend you do at least the paperback book so you can use it as gifts to event organizers, hot leads you meet networking, and more!

But in P6, we:
- clarify the differences between your Kindle and paperback book launches and goals,
- help you navigate how to do a hardback if you like,
- and show you how to best to do your audiobook.

Akbar Sheikh - Bestselling Success Story!

Business Coach & Marketing Consultant

Jaya MK - Bestselling Success Story!

Numerology Consultant, Podcaster

Kolton Krottinger - Bestselling Success Story!

Entrepreneur, Veteran

Bestselling Book Accelerator

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All That's Included, If You Act Fast!

Here is a reminder of all that is included, if you act fast! [This special pricing will not last forever!]

We'll guide you step-by-step from "overwhelm" and "analysis paralysis" to "bestselling book" and beyond!

Save time, money, and lots of headache by following our proven system.

Plus, get group support. You are never alone and will never get stuck!

I'm Ready to Be a Bestselling Author!

Luck Favors Action Takers!

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