The 3 Stages of LEVEL 1

  • P1: Plan

    Make sure you are working toward the right goals for yourself and your audience.

  • P2: Pen

    Create an awesome outline, write your book with no stress, and get a professional cover designed on a budget.

  • P3: Polish

    Edit and format your book that pops for Kindle and for print. Know exact dimensions & settings to use to look pro.

The 3 Stages of LEVEL 2

  • P4: Publish Kindle

    Using the 6 A's of Publishing, get your book on the 8th most visited website in the world (and #1 bookseller).

  • P5: Proof of Bestseller Launch

    Follow our T.R.A.C.K. Method for guaranteed bestseller proof from the 6 important locations.

  • P6: Paperback and Audiobook

    Take a breather and then let's get your book up in other formats for book signings & reaching more people.

What's Included?

LEVEL 1+ 2 "Book That Pops" Accelerator Bundle

1. LEVEL 1: Self-Paced Training for Stages P1, P2, and P3 ($697 value)

2. LEVEL 2: Self-Paced Training for Stages P4, P5, and P6 ($797 value)

And Bonuses:

3. 1 Year of Live Calls + Supportive Group ($970 value)

4. Call Replays of all past calls ($297 value)

5. Video Vault from private coaching ($197 value)


Watch Intro Video

Case Study: Sabah Ali

Overwhelm to Bestselling Author on Live TV and TEDx Stage

Watch Intro Video

Case Study: Davide Di Giorgio

Speaking Coach Knows the Value of Bestselling Author Status to Get More Gigs