You Want to Book More Speaking Gigs

Speaking on stage is the most impactful way to:
• spread your message
• sell your products & services
• get brand up-leveling video and photo assets

But, did you ALSO know that it's a great way to get even more speaking opportunities?

You Are Ready!

You are a coach, consultant, business owner, thought leader, or entrepreneur who has some experience under your belt.

And now it's time to get more visible.

Plus, getting paid to speak is another great revenue stream for your business!

But, there's one...BIG...problem!


You just do NOT have the time to research all the speaking opportunities out there.

It takes hours and days and weeks to look for places you *could* speak and sift through the junk in Google. It's a full-time job in itself!

Less Research, More Speaking!

If only...a curated list of events, conferences, seminars, and expos that were looking for speakers like you...would magically appear each month!

No time wasted searching for speaking opportunities.

Just a curated and cleaned list that you immediately pitch to and book new gigs!

What You Get

Each month, you will get a list of events that you can turn into speaking opportunities for yourself.

Our debut list focuses exclusively on events in the West Coast of the U.S.:

• California, Oregon, Washington
• Montana, Wyoming, Colorado
• New Mexico, Idaho, Utah
• Arizona, Nevada, Texas
• North Dakota, South Dakota
• Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma

Most come from some "Hot Spot of Speaking Gigs Year Round" like Las Vegas, California, Phoenix, Seattle, and Texas!

Researched, cleaned, and curated!

Step 1: We scour the entire internet for all event types.
Step 2: We sift through the junk, noise, and random Eventbrite meetups.
Step 3: We give you targeted, legit events looking for speakers like you!

Extra Benefits

• Save 25-35 HOURS of work 

• Only focus on applying and pitching to the speaking gigs you want!

• Start building your network with event organizers

Want to Try Before You Buy?

Take a peek at what the Speaker's Secret Gig List looks like.
(Note: results in this sample are of mixed locations!)

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Who's Behind This Secret Gig List?

Laura Petersen, Founder of Copy That Pops and Book That Pops Accelerators
Davide Di Giorgio, Founder of UNapologetic Speaker Training
...have teamed up!


Laura and Davide first met -- UNsuprisingly -- at a speaking event where they both were speakers!

They realized that they both had been high school teachers too (Laura taught Math & Psychology and Davide taught Music & Theatre) and instantly connected.

Davide's International Bestselling Book Launch

In October of 2018, the two teamed up to launch Davide's book Being Unapologetic: Empowering You to Become an Influential Speaker and Visionary Leader to hit #1 bestseller on Amazon in EIGHT different countries.

Launching bestselling books is Laura's specialty. 

Speaking on stage is Davide's specialty.

We Need More Great Speakers

In early 2019, they decided to team up again. This time the focus was booking more speaking gigs for purpose-driven, authentic entrepreneurs and thought leaders.

Too much stage time is taken up by pushy salespeople who aren't actually there to impart knowledge and inspire life-changing action.

The Solution!

The biggest obstacle in the way of all great speakers and aspiring speakers is the time suck of even locating and identifying speaking opportunities.

Enter: The Speaker's Secret Gig List

Laura and Davide are the masterminds behind bringing you an AFFORDABLE researched, cleaned, and curated list of places you can apply and pitch to speak!

• You don't have time to find them yourself.

• You don't have the time, money, or desire to hire staff to do it for you.

We've got your back!

Join in Before Prices Go Up!

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